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State Funds Available for Nursing Home Construction Projects in Minnesota

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

If you’re considering replacing or renovating an existing nursing home in Minnesota, you may be eligible to receive funds from the state. Through what is known as the moratorium exception, the state’s Department of Health announced the appropriation of additional nursing home construction funds that total about $58 million for a variety of building and renovation projects.

With expertise in planning, designing and constructing senior living facilities, we at Community Living Solutions can help guide you through this opportunity and partner with you to develop a sustainable plan for your facility’s future.

What is Minnesota’s moratorium exception?

Applicants with projects that exceed $1.8 million and desire a rate increase for defined portions of the construction project must go through the moratorium exception process.

But time is running out!

You must submit a letter of intent to the Minnesota Department of Health by April 23, 2021. Applications are due June 25, 2021.

The state’s Commissioner of Health, in coordination with the Commissioner of Human Services, will decide on the validity of these requests, according to Minnesota statutes.

We are here to help

With interest rates at a historical low, combined with this opportunity, we believe this could be a prime time for upgrades or new building projects. Community Living Solutions would like to partner with you to help you understand this limited-time opportunity and what the application process entails.

Specifically, our team will work alongside you to:

  • Develop a master plan for your facility’s needs and challenges, as well as sustainable solutions for your market
  • Develop schematic drawings
  • Establish construction and non-construction budgets (such as furnishings and moveable equipment)
  • Complete the moratorium exception application for nursing home funds
  • Assist in your communications with and presentations to the Minnesota Department of Health

If you’re interested in learning more about how Community Living Solutions can guide you in nursing home construction or renovation, email John Huhn or call 612-963-0889.