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Senior Living Master Planning

When planning the future of a senior living facility, our experienced team of professionals will carefully analyze the current situation and determine future needs. Then we plan and design every component to achieve a person-centered-care community, allowing your residents maximum comfort and flexibility while increasing staff efficiency.

The comprehensive planning process addresses market opportunity, evaluates potential campus and facility repositioning, presents renovation and site development options, then balances it with revenue and cost factors.

We believe every successful project begins with a solid master plan. See why in our video:

Our planning process

Visioning and Consensus Building

Our experience working with multiple decision makers builds consensus among stakeholders, leading to well-informed decisions. This process minimizes emotion and maximizes objectivity, aligns common goals and strategic initiatives, and results in a vision the entire organization can embrace.

Market Needs Assessment

By partnering with experienced professionals we can assist you in identifying quantitative and qualitative demand in your market area. Together we will develop and assess the market attributes that will address your organization’s strategic vision.

Facility and Site Evaluations

A detailed building assessment and property evaluation provides information on your existing facility that will identify existing physical deficiencies. This study will help us maximize your building and property’s performance and appeal, balancing maintenance and replacement costs with investment in new systems and facilities.

Architectural Programming

We will lead your team in an evaluation process that will determine the desired spaces and their configuration within a new building or remodel scenario. The Architectural Space Program will result in a space allocation for each service and component in your building that supports the experiential and operational requirements of residents and staff.

Architectural Concept Development

The Master Plan Design Concept combines the findings from the visioning, market assessment and architectural programming processes into a cohesive design solution. The result is a repositioning of your physical campus, balancing the housing needs of older adults in your market area with the organization’s need for fiscal responsibility.

Certificate of Need

In Iowa and other states that that have a Certificate of Need approval process for expanding nursing home beds, we can assist you in coordinating the CON application process with a realistic expectation for approval.

Financial Performance Evaluations

We will provide construction cost estimates for the concepts that are developed and will assist internal staff or an outside professional accountant in the creation of an economic Financial Feasibility Model. This process will allow you to see the projected financial performance for multiple scenarios, allowing you to make an informed decision on the best route to pursue for your organization.

Position Your Senior Living Facility for Success

To learn how we work with you from planning and designing senior living architecture through construction and completion, contact us at 920-969-9344 for a complimentary consultation.