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55-plus and Independent Living Design

Modern look and feel. Impeccable interior design. The best amenities.

This doesn’t just describe a 5-star hotel. It is what today’s seniors are looking for in their next home. A greater number of today’s seniors are taking a new approach to downsizing. Instead of buying a smaller home or condo, they’re looking to become part of a community, whether that’s a 55-plus community or whether they need access to care that comes with independent living.

We know this trend doesn’t mean seniors are settling for less. Far from it. That’s why our 55-plus and independent living designs focus on their elegant tastes and desire for active living.

Senior housing architecture

At Community Living Solutions, we’re passionate about helping seniors live their best life. We’re about more than designing an attractive space. With 150 years of collective experience, our team understands the changing needs of seniors. We design spaces in which seniors can remain active while living comfortably and safely.

Today’s seniors want to age in place for as long as possible. But, their future needs and circumstances may change. That’s why our senior housing architecture offers the flexibility to accommodate changing physical abilities and enhanced safety. We accomplish this within a stylish, contemporary homelike design.

Design features

Our 55-plus and independent living design focuses on the active lifestyle of today’s seniors. We have the expertise to incorporate any number of design features into your development plan:

  • Community spaces to accommodate residents, family and friends
  • Hotel-like living space amenities, including European showers
  • Fitness facilities and game rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Lush courtyards
  • Spacious balconies
  • Coffee shops and other public-facing amenities
  • And more!

The CLS difference

At CLS, we focus only on planning, designing and constructing senior living communities. Our team of innovative architects is ready to learn more about your 55-plus or independent living design plans. We have experience working in multiple states and always hire local subcontractors who we vet through a competitive bidding process. You can be assured of complete financial transparency. Ask for a free consultation by completing our contact form or calling 920-969-9344.