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Memory Support

Our team is well versed in the considerable amount of preparation that goes into planning, designing, constructing and preparing Memory Support Facilities, in order to ensure efficient, effective processes that deliver the highest level of person-directed care for residents.

We understand that special consideration must be given to every feature and amenity offered in a Memory Support Facility, with regard to safety and security precautions. The seasoned professionals at Community Living Solutions have worked with many facilities that serve Alzheimer’s patients, and are familiar with the unique needs and challenges each provider faces.

Whether you are a stand-alone facility or offer a specialized area for patients with memory loss within a larger community, we can help you develop the solutions needed to appeal to residents’ families and ensure efficient delivery of care services.

See how we’ve helped other Memory Support facilities:

View Project Profile for Bridgepath Assisted Living – CBRF & Memory Care – Sparta, WI

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