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Catered Living

The skilled team of planners, architects and construction managers at Community Living Solutions has worked with many Catered Living facilities that share similar a goal: how do we maximize our current facilities and enhance amenities to reposition the community and attract new residents?

Because many catered living providers offer a blend of independent and assisted living amenities, each layout structure is unique to each facility. Each facility has a unique set of needs that must be met in order to ensure all areas of service are being delivered to the time, environment and quality expectations of the residents and their families.

Features such as coffee shops, bistros, gathering spaces, wellness centers, beauty salons, chapels, activity areas and personal rooms must be designed in order to meet the needs of the residents in terms of social interaction as well as medical and personal assistance.

Our team has extensive experience developing solutions that are appropriate to each catered living facility’s precise requirements and can help implement strategies that will help meet these unique demands.

See how we’ve helped other Catered Living facilities:

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