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Grancare Gardens

A Healing Transformation

Community Living Solutions (CLS) provided assisted living design and construction management for this 14,553-square-foot remodeling project that includes 16 living units. The project provided the adaptive reuse property new life.

Project Challenges

  • Transform a former medical clinic into an assisted living design that appeals to the local market.
  • Create useable outdoor garden spaces around the building, which was originally surrounded by asphalt pavement.

Project Process

Grancare was looking for green space to build a new facility, but instead CLS encouraged leaders to consider buying the next-door abandoned medical clinic. Grancare purchased the clinic property for a reasonable price to offer continuum of care on one campus.

Project Highlights

  • CLS added larger windows to the former clinic to draw in more natural light.
  • Converted numerous exam rooms and labs to spacious common areas and apartments.
  • The transformation brought beautiful new life into interior spaces.

Why the project was successful

CLS transformed an institutional building into an inviting amenity-filled home at a fraction of new building costs. Thanks to this remodel, Grancare was able to provide a complete continuum of care without changing campuses.