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Religious Congregations

We recognize that religious congregations have a unique set of needs when it comes to planning, designing, constructing and preparing facilities to accommodate the aging population of its members.

Our skilled team of planners, architects and construction managers has worked with many religious congregations who are faced with the need to increase specialized services to care for their members, while evaluating the structures and amenities of their current buildings and land that they own.

Many Congregations require different levels of care within one facility, from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care services. At the same time, these facilities might also need to incorporate living space for visiting members and guests, as well as gathering spaces, offices and maintenance areas.

Congregational facilities also put high importance on the location of a worship space such as a chapel, as well as other community-focused gathering spaces including dining areas, courtyards, wellness centers and activity areas. Each space must be designed with the appropriate level of flexibility to allow independence, privacy or assistance as needed.

We are familiar with these unique needs and challenges and can develop solutions to maximize existing facilities and create needed service offerings to meet these requirements.

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